Have you got the Guts for Good Health? Join me on the 10th of October!

Have you got the Guts for Good Health? Join me on the 10th of October!

I am so very excited! After studying Naturopathic Nutrition for three years with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and being awarded the prestigious Academic Achievement Award, the College has asked me to deliver a talk on digestive health.

Optimal digestive function is essential for our health and well-being and is commonly called 'gut health'. This critical function is linked to our immunity, mental health and chronic disease.

This two-hour, in-person event will allow me to explain how good digestive function is vital for our health.

I will be able to share tactics and tips on optimising gut function with you and I'll do my best to unravel the mysteries of the gut microbiome! At the end of the evening, I have arranged a simple zinc taste test. This test measures your zinc levels and I'll explain how this helps to identify possible deficiencies and the impact this may have on your overall health.

It would be fantastic if you could make it and do also let me know if you are interested in other in-person or online events; you can contact me via my Contact Page.

To reserve your spot, just click here

Location: Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College
205 Dyke Road

Spend the evening with nutritionist Janine Thornton to find out if you have the guts for good health! Janine will explain how digestive function is linked to immunity, mental health and chronic disease. Hear tips on how to optimise gut function and explain the mysteries of the gut microbiome. The evening will end with a zinc taste to measure levels and identify possible deficiencies. Have you got the guts for good health? Tickets available - https://bit.ly/46jNgtM #healthtalk #healthtips #nutrition #nutritiontips #brighton #hove #bhasvic #guthealth

Posted by Brighton College of Naturopathic Medicine on Friday, September 22, 2023