Janine has helped me to restore balance and calm to my approach to eating. I am no longer in pain from bloating and IBS symptoms. It was important to get to the bottom of what was causing the problems and Janine gave me the confidence to do this. She has been on hand regularly to answer my questions or concerns and I have felt very supported during the process. I am very grateful for her help - Thank you!


Janine helped me so much with restructuring my diet and helping to get my body functioning properly again. She has a wealth of knowledge and has provided so much help and support with stress relief techniques amongst other things. Would definitely recommend.


I invited Janine to speak at my Mastermind session with clients. She spoke passionately and with great knowledge on the subject of nutrition for anxiety.
She is an excellent speaker and we all learned some very valuable lessons about the way our eating habits impact our emotional and mental wellbeing.
We also tasted some lovely teas and learned their properties.

Robert Sanders, Therapist & Coach

My 82 year old Mum has had type 2 diabetes for in excess of 10 years. She has recently had to make a decision regarding whether to start injecting insulin. She decided that before she made such a decision, she would get some nutritional advice and turned to Janine.
Janine made sure she was fully aware of Mum's medical history and discussed the basic dietary ideas with her before going into more detail. Obviously Mum has had to make dietary changes but these have been explained very clearly by Janine in such a positive and reassuring way and Janine made sure it wasn't overwhelming. The required changes have been made gently and she is always on hand to help with queries and concerns. I believe my Mum has a much more varied and healthier diet and has enjoyed the variety in her diet. So far the changes in her health are very encouraging and I can only assume this will continue with time.
Janine is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and is extremely approachable and friendly. Mum and I are both very grateful that we have her advice and help.
Thank you Janine.


Following a routine medical check up I discovered that I was Type 2 Diabetic, had high blood pressure and cholesterol. Janine has guided me on a path back to better health with her knowledge and enthusiasm, putting together an easy to follow programme of changes to my diet and lifestyle. After 3 months of following her advice I have managed to reverse the diabetes and feel much better. She is a very supportive person and I would highly recommend her.


Having really bad digestive issues, I had a recommendation to contact Janine. After an initial chat about my symptoms I signed up for a package. Janine has extensive knowledge of nutrition and health and I am feeling so much better. If you have any questions she will always be there for you. I feel confident my future health is going to be better. Thanks Janine!


I benefitted from two consultations with Janine to help with my enzyme deficiencies. Janine was warm, welcoming and put me at ease immediately. Janine fully researched my symptoms and gave me very helpful suggestions about changes to my diet, which I have followed. Thanks to Janine my condition is improving. Janine isn't easily shockable and therefore one could discuss sensitive issues without worrying. Furthermore, Janine takes a holistic view of the medical condition. In fact, Janine continues to check in with me, her after-care is second to none. I would highly recommend Janine to friends and family.


Working with Janine has been both helpful to my daughter (7) and educational for me and for her. My daughter had been having issues with her digestion and Janine approached her treatment with sensitivity and expertise. I really valued the way she was able to bring her own experiences with her family to bear as well as her professional knowledge and take an approach that was helpful and pragmatic. No assumptions that children will be willing adopters of 'strange' new foods, but a healthy challenge that says "let's give it a go!". I would definitely recommend Medicinal Eating Nutritional Therapy (in fact I already have!).


I heard about Medicinal Eating through a friend and contacted Janine to see if she could help me lose weight and manage my cholesterol. I have now already lost inches around my waist and feel so much fitter.


Thank you very much, Janine, for your helpful dietary interventions. They were simple but very effective and I now feel my health is in a much better place.


I contacted Janine when I received my diagnosis of an underactive thyroid (Hashimotos). Though the changes that I had to make to my diet were not easy, Janine supported me throughout and I was able to completely reverse my symptoms without the need for any medication. So thrilled with the result and I now have much healthier eating habits.


Janine's expertise and guidance has been so helpful in reducing my IBS symptoms. I now feel much more in control of my health and can enjoy eating again. I have learned so much more about my body and feel better than I have felt for a very long time. I also have osteoporosis and Janine was able to help me manage this in a much better way so thank you!